Product owners effect on tech culture with Mike Gertrudes

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Pragmatic Lead Podcast Team
Pragmatic Lead Podcast Team

A little background on us

We are thrilled to share our conversation with Mike Gertrudes. We spent many years sharing, the DEAL DISRUPTOR for the travel industry, and cutting our teeth on modern technology. As we part ways, we like to stay in touch and share adventures. We want to thank all of our peers and the great people we get to work with every day while we continue to share our professional experiences with all of you.

This episode

Our guest is Mike Gertrudes, VP, Head of Engineering at Billie | The Body Brand.

We speak with Mike regularly, and recently Mike shared with us that a change in his office dynamics had a significant effect on his engagement at work and quality of life. When we asked him what changed, Mike told us it was about a new product owner that recently joined the company.

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We had to book Mike for this chat; we believe that a strong team requires everyone to participate. From this episode, we hope to inspire you to see how powerful a united team can be for the sake of creating excellent products and enjoying professional relationships.

Additional notes

Around the 7:30 mark during our conversation, we couldn't remember Conway's Law.

"Any organization that designs a system (defined broadly) will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization's communication structure."

ā€” Melvin E. Conway

Guest Profile

Mike Gertrudes VP, Head of Engineering at Billie

Previous roles include Director of Engineering for brands like, tech leader, and entrepreneur.

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