About the Pragmatic Lead Podcast

The Pragmatic Lead Podcast covers leadership, career development, and problem-solving events within the technology industry. Each episode of the Pragmatic Lead Podcast looks closely at failure and success stories to tease out the lessons learned. These conversations help others see varying sized challenges in a new light, giving our listeners new meaning and opportunity.

About your hosts

Even after working with hundreds of engineers and leaders across many industries, we always know one thing to be true: there is so much left to learn. We are on a journey to understand people and processes to reveal new ideas that improve quality of life while building great products and organizations.

Who we are

We are experts in management science, technology, and product development. We offer stories from our own experience, personal, professional development coaching. We provide consultation for organizations facing new or different challenges. We work with any professional level ranging from the introductory person up to the C-Suite executive team.

We have helped companies through challenges like:

  • How to grow their technical organization
  • Building new products and services
  • How to implement culture and accountability
  • Scrum, or evolving complex systems
  • How to manage and encourage engagement within the business
  • How to prioritize the customer


  • Alex Bachuk


    Software Engineering Manager.

  • John Masse


    A Coach for Software People.

Be our guest

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